West, so far

Hello World

I’m writing you now from Whitehorse YT. Holy smokes, what a project.
I am working on a big collaboration with many of the artists from two record labels: Headless Owl and You’ve Changed. Here’s the insane guest list: Shotgun Jimmie, Construction & Destruction, Baby Eagle, Marine Dreams, Wax Mannequin, Kyle Cashen, The Burning Hell‘s Mathias Kom, Richard Laviolette and myself. Visual artist Shary Boyle is in the mix too, doing projections and artwork.

We are in a beautiful, unfinished rustic palace being recorded by my old chum Jordy Walker. This place is amazing with it’s 20 foot ceilings (even in the control room!) and we are fully outfitted with a panoramic display of instruments. The creativity is flowing. What a group of song-writers! It’s been so much fun collaborating with everyone. Our days are long: 10-7 in the studio, then off to the rehearsal space to hammer out the next day’s songs. This is supposed to be over at 11, but we are having so much fun we often stay much later.

Before arriving up here, I was in BC, doing shows with Leif Vollebekk in Victoria and Vancouver which were also great. Leah Abramson sang with me on my songs in Vancouver and that was a rare treat as well.

From here, I’ll head to the prairies and I’ll give you notes as I go.
Seriously though – all is well, smooth and inspiring so far.

xo MF