• Eternity Mongers is out now!

    I’m very pleased to announce that you can get the new record in physical or virtual form worldwide as of now from Forward Music Group. Find it on all the streamers: order it, save it, stream it – get it in your ears however you usually like to access your music.

    I’m immensely proud of having composed, played on and mixed these new songs, but I must take a second to send love and a huge thank you to all of the amazing collaborators, without whom this record would not be what it is: Michael Belyea (drums), Kyle Cunjak (bass and label ops), Karen Ng (woodwinds), Tim Crabtree (woodwinds), Erika Angell (voice), Laurel Sprengelmeyer (voice), Charles Austin (recording), Heather Kirby (mastering), and Paul Henderson (art and layout).

    Thanks for listing.

  • MF interviewed for Kreatove Kontrol with Vish Khanna

    I am touched to have been given the time and space in this forum to talk about my new album and many of the themes around it. Vish is a tireless provider of probing conversations with a huge array of artists. There is definitely something for everyone on the Kreative Kontrol podcast. Ours was a fun, sprawling discussion that might be of interest to some of you. Thank you Vish for inviting me.

  • 3rd single out now!

    Hi all!
    The 3rd single from Eternity Mongers is available now at all the usual places. The next big announcement will be the release of the album in its entirety. Can’t wait. In the meantime, please enjoy No Such Thing, which is about trying to stand tall in what Devo would call a wiggly world. xo MF

  • Big Sails video is here

    The new MF album, Eternity Mongers, is due out of April 19 from Forward Music Group. Big Sails is the 2nd single so far, and it comes to you now with a fresh new video, courtesy of the amazing Stacy Lee. Shot by Stacy and Martin Reisch , the video features me at dawn doing what I do best: grappling with myself and the big, blue world.

  • New record out soon, new single out now.

    You can listen to the new single, Your Mind’s Made Up as of now. The entire album, Eternity Mongers, will be released April 19 2024, via Forward Music Group.

    I’m extremely excited to begin sharing this stuff you all.

  • Eternity Mongers

    That’s the title of the next record. It is tracked, mixed and mastered and on its way to you … very slowly. Stay tuned – I’ll keep you posted.

  • Brussels and London shows added!

    Hi all|

    Just a little update from the road to let you know that shows have been added to the itinerary along with all the other dates:

    18/02 Brussels BE – L’Estaminet
    19/02 London UK – House show in N1. Tickets + info

    Hope to see you!

  • Finally on tour again

    Finally on tour again

    Michael Feuerstack is hitting the road again.

    After the last 3+ years of making music in and around my home city of Montreal, I’m thrilled finally to be returning to the road to play music for you in person. 2021 was spent creating Harmonize the Moon, my 6th collection of my own songs under my own name since dropping the Snailhouse moniker. Making the recording was a deep yet playful experience of solo music making, and for world wide reasons I won’t bore you with, I was largely unable to tour to perform that material. Now I’m finally heading out on a solo journey with this new collection of intimate, wild and sweet songs. I’ll also happily dig into the back-catalogue (reach out in advance if you have requests) and maybe even selections from my recent covers record Translations. I cannot wait to see your beautiful faces again.

    I’m also stoked and grateful to mention that the Belgium and Netherlands dates are in support of Ben Caplan. Thank you Ben for the invitation!

    Before this all kicks off, I’ll be in London with my dear Bell Orchestre to play our newest album House Music with the BBC Orchestra, presented by Elizabeth Alker, scored by Owen Pallet, and conducted by Andre de Ridder.

  • Translations!

    I’ve made a collection of cover songs, and you can listen to it as of now on Bandcamp. I had lots of help from Mike Belyea (Mickii Bellier), Tim Crabtree (Paper Beat Scissors), and Laurel Sprengelmeyer (Little Scream). Artwork by Jon Claytor (look at each song’s page for individual water colours).

    Enjoy and thank you for listening.

    I think the biggest lesson I learned from making this record is that interpretation is creation.

    These are 14 songs I love, written by some of my favourite artists. I wanted to see what they could teach me, and also what I could bring to them.

    This whole thing feels quite personal. Even though I believe that songs are for sharing, I don’t sing a lot of covers. Often I feel strange trying to embody the sentiments of others (a voice is such a personal thing). I have lots of favourites, but the ones comprised here are some that I found myself able to sing. That is to say, they felt convincing coming from me.

    Normally I write and perform my own songs, or collaborate with others on their material. The original reason I got into music was to make songs, and I never really went through a period of learning by playing the music of others. This approach has given me my own impressionistic style. There is something special about stepping back now, and applying my way of creating to the unique works of others. I wanted to know some of my favourite songs in a new way.

    When you get to know someone really well, your language starts to change. You begin to paraphrase your own thoughts. You become at once lazier and more precise. You take liberties, omit some details and embellish others. Somehow, all of this improvisation is part of an effort to be better understood. My songs contain some of this flexibility – not just lyrically but in the relationship between the words and music as well. I’ve tried to tap into that spirit in my relationship with these songs.

    I intended Translations to be listened to as an album. It feels helpful to keep the songs in conversation with one another. I collected and assembled the songs, and I invite you to listen to find your own connections.

  • June 6 – Streaming Launch for Harmonize the Moon!

    June 6 – Streaming Launch for Harmonize the Moon!


    I’m missing you all. In the meantime, Forward Music Group is throwing a virtual launch for my newest album. It’s all happening on June 6, 3pm (Montreal time) on Bandcamp.


    I will host and sing some songs live before airing the world premiere of a full-band mini-show followed by a Q&A. The upside of this streaming business is that you can join us from anywhere in this wild world. Please do!

    “As so much stuff moved online over the past 14 months, Feuerstack instead went inward. The result was an album called Harmonize the Moon, a recording made in isolation by Michael himself – the only outside contributions coming from a microphone pointed out the door and clips and voice memos collected over the last few years of traveling.

    Earlier this year, as lockdown measures eased, Michael gathered a small crew to bring these songs to life in a physical space. This group of collaborators – Erika Angell (Thus Owls), Mark Bucky Wheaton (Land of Talk), and Chris Velan (amazing singer/songwriter) – move gracefully through 5-songs, re-imagining material from the album. Recorded and mixed by Gilles Castillioux at Treatment Room Studio in Montreal and shot/edited by Phil Creamer (Here on Out Sessions).”

    I really hope to see you. (If the timing doesn’t work for you, keep in mind that the link will stay active for 24 hours following the show.)

    xo MF
    For tickets and info, just go here: https://forwardmusic.bandcamp.com/merch/michael-feuerstack-htm-streaming-launch