• 2020 Horizon

    2020 Horizon

    Hi friends,

    Thanks for checking in and happy new year to you all.
    2019 was big, both for my own songs and for productions and collaborations with others. Keep your eyes on this space for news about upcoming releases that I played on or helped bring into the world. Bell Orchestre did a small string of shows in Europe (including 2 with the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andre de Ridder), and I worked on the recording and mixing of upcoming releases by Camille Delean and Big Share among others.


    As for new music of my own – I’ve been working on writing new songs and there will be a new record this year. That’s all I really know for now.
    I can’t wait to cross your path again. Hopefully 2020 brings me to you, dear reader.
    xo MF


  • Spring tour

    Hi everyone…

    Please check out the new MF video directed and shot by Ian Roy.

    This is coming to you now in conjunction with the announcement of the official April 19 European release of Natural Weather. Of course there are also tour dates. Please take a look at the list and come and hear me sing if I end up near you.


  • Happy 2019

    Happy 2019

    Happy 2019 to you, dear friends and listeners.

    Looking back on 2018, I’m reminded of a year of amazing projects and collaborations.

    – played guitar on Chris Velan‘s amazing album ‘Amateur Hour’
    – European tour in June
    – released ‘Natural Weather’ and played incredible shows with a sweet new band to launch it (and I’m shocked and humbled to see it on a few year end lists)
    – recorded and mixed ‘Open Water,’ the upcoming release by Utrecht band The Fire Harvest (look for it in 2019)
    – toured Eastern Canada opening for and singing with The Barr Brothers
    – continued in depth, ongoing work on Camille Delean‘s (to be) incredible second album
    – contributed to the new release and installation concerts by Thus Owls (see playlist below)
    – reunited for 3 wild and vital shows with Julie Doiron & the Wooden Stars
    – after more than a few years, we settled on a final mix (by Jace Lacek) for the newest Bell Orchestre recording (to be made public sometime later in 2019)
    – countless other concerts, sessions and happenings but this list is already long

    All of this activity means the world to me. Thank you so much for your openness and curiousity and for bearing witness to it all.
    Much love and see you in 2019. Lots of plans in the works.
    xo mf

    Photo by Corey Isenor (thanks)

  • Vinyl is in! Shows coming up!

    Vinyl is in! Shows coming up!

    Natural Weather LPs have arrived and they look and sound fantastic. All the mail orders and pre-orders should be in your hands by now. It’s very thrilling to finally have this thing manifested in the physical world. Grab it from Forward Music Group.

    Also in exciting news, I’ll finally be doing some full band shows to celebrate this thing. I’ve assembled an amazing crew and I can’t wait to see you. Shows in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal coming up! Check it.


  • Natural Weather out now!

    Hello everyone,

    I’m very happy to introduce to you my new (and 4th post-Snailhouse) full-length recording, Natural Weather. You’ve possibly heard a few and bits and pieces, but it’s finally available as of now in its entirety from Forward Music Group.

    Please give Natural Weather a listen and ‘follow’ and ‘like’ wherever it feels appropriate. It’s at all the usual spots.
    Listen – hyperurl.co/segipx
    Order – https://www.forwardmusicgroup.com/release/fmg070-mf-natural-weather/

    I’m immensely proud of this record. Much of the process was spent frighteningly alone with my thoughts, but I am extremely grateful to have had the contributions of some of the best badasses in the biz: Jeremy Gara on drums, Sarah Neufeld on violin, and Camille Delean, Mike O’Brien and Michelle Tompkins (Sin and Swoon) on backing vocals.

    European tour dates were amazing (huge thanks to all involved), and stay tuned for Canadian launch dates down the line.

    Your loyalty and continued curiosity mean the world to me.

    xo MF

    Some recent praise:

    “excellent” – One Chord To Another – A Finnish Pop Site
    “a collection of Zen ballads that feels breezy, natural and duly wise for his age” – Exclaim!
    “crafting minute observations on love, death and living” – CBC Music
    “Feuerstack’s lyrical and vocal prowess that will wow even seasoned lovers of the genre.” –Canadian Beats

    And finally, in case you missed it, here is the gorgeous video Jon Claytor made for “Love Is All Around.” https://youtu.be/ObgcgUIWcB4


  • New video, Europe tour dates announced, album release imminent

    Hi everyone,

    The release date for Natural Weather is zooming up quickly. Find info or order it from Forward Music Group.

    European solo tour dates have been posted! Cannot wait to see you all.

    Jon Claytor‘s gorgeous animated video for “Love is All Around” is finally here! Enjoy below, and you can get a taste of the new album, with its beautiful contributions from longtime music friends Jeremy Gara (drums), Sarah Neufeld (violin) and Camille Delean (backing vocals).

    Michael Feuerstack – Love is All Around
    Animated by Jon Claytor

  • Spring 2018

    Spring 2018

    Hi everyone… sorry for the long silence over here. I assure you, it’s only because I’ve been busy. Natural Weather, my new record is coming out on May 25 through the tireless efforts of my associates Forward Music Group.

    I’ve waited a long time to share it with you. You can catch a glimpse of it by checking out the single, Nobody Knows, on Spotify or wherever you get your streams. Feel free to ‘like’ while you listen, especially of you like. But let’s be honest, it would be useful for me either way.

    Or if you want some eye candy with your ear meal, check out this business:

    Enjoy! And stay tuned, because there will surely be shows after we’ve all soaked up a bit more sun. I’ll be announcing some European dates for June in good time…

    Otherwise I’ve been working with singer Camille Delean on capturing her songs. We are playing shows and working on a new record as well. We’ll be in Europe to play very soon.

    Bell Orchestre has stuff in the works too. It’s pretty far along. You’d be surprised.

    There are other projects and productions and things on simmer too, but I guess that’s enough thrill for you today.

    Thanks for reading. See you soon.
    xo MF

  • Fall 2017

    Fall 2017

    Hi Everyone!

    Things have been busy over here, even if it looks sleepy from the outside. I’ve been playing shows all over the place with The Luyas and Camille Delean. A new Bell Orchestre record is slowly in the works as well.

    And perhaps most relevant here, there is a new MF record completed and ready for release. I’ve been sitting on it for a while, but due to delays I won’t bore you with, you probably won’t hear it until 2018. I’ll keep you posted with much more info when the time is right.

    I’ve been missing you all. Soon soon.


  • Happy 2017

    Happy 2017

    This message comes a little late. Forgive me for spending New Years Eve and New Years Day snowshoeing and hanging with amazing friends instead of getting my ‘socials’ in order.

    We’ve seen a lot of rough politics and world events in 2016, as well as the deaths of many of our collective heroes. We also saw a lot of shows of solidarity and love, and that’s what I choose to carry into the new year.

    I took in a huge amount of inspiring music this year. Despite these constant reminders that there are hundreds of amazingly talented and worthy artists out there, I am grateful for my own endurance – the ability to turn that admiration into inspiration rather than defeatist frustration. I am grateful for my persistence of vision and my modest and ongoing mastery of the tools of my trade.

    On the morning of NYE I finished the last few lines of Patti Smith’s M Train, a beautifully personal and inspiring read. Coincidentally, I found out that Jan 31 also happens to be her birthday. That coincidence, combined with the fact that Patti Smith is more celebrated than ever in her 70th year, is about as good an omen as I need to seek out.

    Let’s all keep making stuff as if it matters, because maybe it does. Love to you all.


    PS – Here’s the news from me (in case that’s why you were reading):

    – Perhaps most relevant to this newsletter, I have come a very long way toward a new Michael Feuerstack recording. I’m guessing you’ll be able to hear it in the Fall or so. It really is almost done already, and I can barely stand the idea of sitting on it for so long. I just want to make sure it’s as amazing as it can be, and that we time it just right so that the highest possible amount of people will get to hear it.

    – I spent a lot of this year making music with the Luyas. I feel pretty lucky to make some of the best, weirdest music of my career with some of my bets and weirdest pals. You can look forward to our full length, Human Voicing, on Paper Bag Records in February of this year.

    – Camille Delean’s debut record, Music on the Grey Mile, will see release in 2017 as well, finally. I co-produced, mixed and played on this lovely work, and I hope you’ll keep an ear to the ground for it. We’ll be playing shows too.

    – There were many other collaborations. Besides chipping away at a new recording with Bell Orchestre, and occasional contributions to the work of Paper Beat Scissors, I also was lucky enough to be re-united by SappyFest this year with my dear comrades the Wooden Stars for a one-off show, as well as a re-mount of our collaboration with Julie Doiron.

    Pure luck all around.

  • Update – July 2016

    Hey Everybody.

    I’m just working on more new music. Bell Orchestre is busy creating. Luyas is starting up again. Playing my first show with my homie Camille Delean <FB event> and of course I am deep into planning and writing the next MF masterpiece. Take that as you will…

    In the mean time, I want to add Spotify (see below) to the many ways you can track down my music online. Heck, you could even search for Snailhouse if you can’t get enough of my tunes.
    xo MF