Home for now

Hi Everyone,

I am having a few mellow days at home since I got back from BC, YT and the prairies. It’s been an amazing couple of weeks, and there are lots of people to thank – thanks!

For the moment, I am just catching up on stuff here, and working on the mixes for “Singer Songer”, which should be ready to send off to the presses in about a week or so. If you don’t know what “Singer Songer” is, feel free to refer to earlier posts – or keep checking in and I’ll be sure to offer more info as time rolls on. For the moment, too much cooking, sleeping and mixing to do before I head to Europe in November. See you then. Nov 14-26 will be spent opening for, and playing guitar in Paper Beat Scissors, and Nov 27-Dec 9 will be spent doing shows of my own. More details are rolling in quickly, but there are still a few odd dates open if you need me to come and sing you some lullabies in your town.

All the best,