Fall Autumn Fall

Busy days, friends, busy days…

I am deep into the recording of a new project right now, to be called ‘Singer Songer’, wherein I am writing songs for other people to sing. It is a very cool exercise in writing from a perspective that is somewhat more universal than my usual output. That is not to say that the songs aren’t weird or idiosyncratic in some ways – but there’s a need to make songs that are relatable for other singers, and sometimes it requires adjustments to the song itself from what I would do without the other interpreters getting involved.

I am recording and preforming and producing the songs, but leaving the vocals to my guests. More on that soon as it all comes together. Tracking is almost finished, but there are a few hoops still to jump through before I bring it to you, the listener. At some point, I’ll do an official announcement and you can find out who all the guests are and all that jazz. I won’t leave you hanging. More info about this limited edition release will turn up here, and from my friends at project-based boutique label Headless Owl Records.

I’ve begun a double-bill tour with my pal Paper Beat Scissors down to Hull and into Ontario. The shows have been heart-warming so far. As you can see from the tour dates, I’ll split off from the shows with Paper Beat Scissors in time to come home for Pop Montreal, where I’ll be appearing a couple of times. Immediately following that, I’ll head off to Vancouver, then Whitehorse for the You’ve Changed/Headless Owl labels summit meeting called The Cost of Doing Business (see here: headlessowl.com). After Yukon, I’ll be heading solo across the prairies for long overdue visits. November will see a tour supporting Paper Beat Scissors in Germany and Austria.

If all that isn’t enough (and you are still reading along), keep an ear out soon for Mind Parade, which is a podcast I’ve been making of interviews with some of my creative friends. I hope to unveil that in the coming week or two.

More later – sorry to be all business, but I have to get lots of action in before the snow flies and seclusion becomes the goal.
I hope to see you out there.

PS – In case you’ve missed it, here’s a video of me singing ‘Wolves’ from the Shadow/Wolves 7″ which came out around the same time as ‘Tambourine Death Bed’. Get them both at http://forwardmusicgroup.com
Wolves video: http://youtu.be/jCq0Mmxcbv0