Across almost 25 years, Michael Feuerstack has built an underground canon of crooked and beautiful songs. Aside from his own song-craft under his name and former alias Snailhouse, his reputation is also as an exceptional collaborator, producer and general facilitator of music. Mike has contributed to countless performances and recordings with the likes of The LuyasBell OrchestreCamille DeleanThus OwlsPaper Beat ScissorsLand of TalkJulie Doiron, and many many more.


There is a clichéd way to say anything worth saying, so Michael Feuerstack simply looks for the scenic route and tries to enjoy the journey at the same time. On his latest full-length album, Natural Weather, the songwriter wanted to make something gentle and complex: a recording that celebrates music as a refuge from binary thinking – a means to seek wisdom in the grey areas.

Recorded at home, Natural Weather offers a deceptively rich palette. Most of the instrumentation is provided by Feuerstack, with Jeremy Gara on drums and violin cameos by Sarah Neufeld. The background singers also figure prominently: Camille Delean shadows Feuerstack in harmony, while Michelle Tompkins and Mike O’Brien glimmer in response.

This collection balances Feuerstack’s signature dark humour and empathic inquisitiveness as the songs relax into deep ambiguity around heavy themes: love, death, memory, age, mental illness, intimacy, and ambition.

(Bio en Français)


“a national treasure.” – Globe & Mail

“heaving and gorgeous…anguishing and contemplative.” – Stereogum

“one of this country’s most talented songwriters.” – Exclaim!

“simultaneously heartfelt and apathetic, sacred and profane.” – CBC Music

“slow, gentle songs of love and truth and unforgettable regrets.” – NOW Toronto

“Beautiful and patient, this record is the result of years Mike spent practicing his craft and being forced to question if the struggle is worth it. It’s written for love of art and life, a back porch whisper that could float in the wind.”Hero Hill

“It’s all in the songwriting, always his forte, and stronger than ever.”Bob Mersereau

“He possesses a gently haunting vocal style and injects aural adventurousness into wellcrafted and pensively atmospheric songs.”New Canadian Music

“Wonderfully fragile, heart-wrenchingly powerful… Feuerstack cuts through your veins and bones like an arctic shower, an icy-clean rinse for the soul.”Beatroute

“…a serendipitous gift: an overheard revelation, a fleeting view from [Feuerstack’s] perspective, a profound truth.”The Grid