• April 04, 2013 – Cologne – DE – Vintage Emde

  • April 03, 2013 – Kiel – DE – Hansa 48

  • April 02, 2013 – Gӧttingen – DE – Hostel 37

  • April 01, 2013 – Hamburg – DE – Nord

  • New record details, EU tour and beyond.

    Hello hello hello!

    As you may or may not have heard, my new record is officially slated for release on May 7, through my friends at Forward Music. We have already made a song available for you all. It’s been circulating, but if you haven’t heard it yet, please check it out!

    The record is called Tambourine Death Bed, and I recorded it mostly at home, with contributions from some very special friends. I’m very proud to deliver it – it’s been along wait.

    I am writing you now from gorgeous and noisy Paris, where we have just kicked off a little France tour with The Luyas (I’m playing lap steel with them). I’ve just arrived and had a day to recover. Immediately following this tour, I will do two weeks of my own solo MF shows in Germany, Belgium and ending in Paris (dates below). I couldn’t be more thrilled to be playing all this new material on stage finally. If we are all lucky, I may even have a limited number of CDs to sell – even in advance of the official release date. Shhhh.

    Furthermore, in advance of the album release, we’ll do a limited edition 7″ of two songs more from the same sessions, Wolves (which some of you May know from the Snailhouse demos) and Shadow. My lovely and talented pal Nick Kuepfer is working on a silkscreened cover. If all goes as planned, this treat will be available for Record Store Day (Saturday, April 20).

    I sincerely apologize for the ‘all business’ tone of this note. However, the absence of whimsical musing and mildly humorous self-deprecation is due only to the fact that there is so much exciting news to share. I want to keep it short so you can go out and play – it’s almost spring after all.
    I’ll try ot keep the blog posts coming.

    Lots of love,

    PS – We’ve already gotten some pretty kind words for “Bones in the River”:

    “There’s strength in his subtlety, a fortitude developed over the years. Feuerstack doesn’t sport a breastplate built to withstand musket volleys or parry bayonet thrusts. No, Feuerstack wears nothing more than the confidence of knowing he can withstand whatever attack life launches. He walks with his chest ripped open and his heart exposed, breaking and beating in public view.” – Herohill

  • March 15, 2013 – Trois Rivières, Qc – TBA

  • March 14, 2013 – Montreal, QC – Canada – Cagibi

  • Hello and welcome to the new Site

    Thanks for stopping by. This is the new site – new look, and a tonne of new information. I have Scott Da Ros to thank for making it look and work as well as it does. Scott works with me pretty closely on many aspects of what I do, and so I’ll express one zillionth of my gratitude here and now: thanks, Scott.

    If you look around, you will see that the tone of the site is informal. I’m actually writing about all this stuff, and I’ve decided that it’s cool for you to know how I feel about my work and what I’m up to (but of course no statement makes it on here without full approval of my entire legal team). I’ll make you a deal: you stop by once in a while, and I’ll try to keep it interesting and somewhat interactive. You can write me with questions or comments  or you can just lurk. Do what you feel.


    Of course the biggest news is that Tambourine Death Bed (my new record) is coming out in May through my good friends at Forward Music. The cover image is a pinhole photo taken by Caro Desilets.

    OK – lots of info still to come, but for now I just want to say hi and welcome.

    xo MF

  • NEW VIDEO and SALE on SNAILHOUSE back-catalogue


    I just wanted to announce the newly released video for “I Never Woke Up” from the last Snailhouse record, Sentimental Gentleman. Check it out below… The record is of course available from White Whale and Forward Music.

    Snailhouse – I Never Woke Up – Official

    This is the official video for ‘I Never Woke Up’ from Snailhouse’s Sentimental Gentleman.
    Directed by Jared Raab and Lindsay MacKay

    Remember! Tambourine Death Bed, the new Michael Feuerstack record, is coming out in May through Forward Music. All of the elements are being assembled now, and I am stoked to be able to deliver it to you then.

    In the meantime, here’s a chance to get up to date with the considerable Snailhouse back-catalogue: all titles (mail order and download) are on mega-sale this winter through snailhouse.bandcamp.com. Stop by and browse! Downloads are pay-what-you-wish and CDs and LPs are cheap. Cheap.


  • January 16, 2013 – Montreal, QC – Divan Orange