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  • Singer Songer on it’s way to you!

    Dear everyone,

    I am a little late getting this one up, but here you go. Laurel ‘Little Scream‘ Sprengelmeyer tears up your heart and patches it back up with her take on this number. Enjoy. This is the last one to be posted before the record comes out for real on Saturday!

    Record Store Day is imminent. I’ll be celebrating by spending a lot of money on records. I’ll also do a little performance at 6pm at my neighbourhood store Phonopolis. Come out if you are in the Montreal area.

    Incidentally, you can hear me sing a couple songs from ‘Singer Songer’ (as well as a very old song from the very first Snailhouse record). Check out the session!


    For more info on the record, or if you live in the sticks and you need to order it or something, please visit Forward Music and/or Headless Owl.

  • MF & Associates, featuring Mathias Kom (Burning Hell)

    Hi all,

    Here is the latest “Singer Songer” track to be made public. It features my friend and yours, the basin voiced Mathias Kom (AKA The Burning Hell). I wrote this song knowing exactly how it would sound on him, but it didn’t make it any less magic when I finally heard the man himself sing it. I hope you enjoy it too…

    If you want to know more about the project, just read down the previous posts. It comes out really soon on LP and you’ll be able to either buy or order it.

    xo MF