• June 6 – Streaming Launch for Harmonize the Moon!

    June 6 – Streaming Launch for Harmonize the Moon!


    I’m missing you all. In the meantime, Forward Music Group is throwing a virtual launch for my newest album. It’s all happening on June 6, 3pm (Montreal time) on Bandcamp.


    I will host and sing some songs live before airing the world premiere of a full-band mini-show followed by a Q&A. The upside of this streaming business is that you can join us from anywhere in this wild world. Please do!

    “As so much stuff moved online over the past 14 months, Feuerstack instead went inward. The result was an album called Harmonize the Moon, a recording made in isolation by Michael himself – the only outside contributions coming from a microphone pointed out the door and clips and voice memos collected over the last few years of traveling.

    Earlier this year, as lockdown measures eased, Michael gathered a small crew to bring these songs to life in a physical space. This group of collaborators – Erika Angell (Thus Owls), Mark Bucky Wheaton (Land of Talk), and Chris Velan (amazing singer/songwriter) – move gracefully through 5-songs, re-imagining material from the album. Recorded and mixed by Gilles Castillioux at Treatment Room Studio in Montreal and shot/edited by Phil Creamer (Here on Out Sessions).”

    I really hope to see you. (If the timing doesn’t work for you, keep in mind that the link will stay active for 24 hours following the show.)

    xo MF
    For tickets and info, just go here: https://forwardmusic.bandcamp.com/merch/michael-feuerstack-htm-streaming-launch

  • Harmonize the Moon out now!

    Harmonize the Moon out now!

    Harmonize the Moon is out everywhere now! 

    >> Order Harmonize the Moon
    >> Hear Michael on Kreative Kontrol Podcast
    >> Hear Michael on Hitmakers Podcast

    I’m so extremely proud of this record. It represents a new height in confidence, concision and self-sufficiency in my work – and by extension life in general.

    The term ‘pivot’ has really been abused this year, but I really can’t think of a more poetic word to describe how this record came to be. It was meant to be one thing and circumstances turned it into another. When the pandemic “dropped” (ugh forgive me, I couldn’t resist), I was in late stage plans to head into the studio with some amazing musicians to make a very upbeat and wiry record of an entirely different nature with an entirely different batch of songs. The plan changed, as it did for everyone. That record has yet to be made.

    Luckily, the songs which comprise Harmonize the Moon were also lying around in various states of development. They were destined for some future session, the vision for which involved lots of players in a fancy studio helping to build panoramic and lush versions of these delicate little pieces. Once it became clear that we were all collectively facing some long-term solo time, it occurred to me that these songs could also work in this way that you  hear them now. Though I’ve always been involved in my own recordings, I was feeling increasingly empowered by my production and mixing work for others in recent years (Camille Delean, The Fire Harvest, Taung Child in the City and Big Share to name a few). I really felt I could make something special with only the resources I have in front of me.

    Harmonize the Moon is the product of some beautiful alone time. I tried to be rigorous with myself and the process: to edit lovingly and ruthlessly, to create performances that represented a moment in time worth building on.  I tried to channel a different character (or at least a different facet of my personality) for each instrument I added. No one else heard a peep until I had already done a fairly presentable draft of the mixes. Hpwever, to me it really feels like everyone I’ve ever played with appears on this record in some way or another, subtle or blatant. I wouldn’t be able to do much without that ongoing, loving lifetime of collaboration and connection.

    I’m very grateful to Philip Shaw Bova who mastered the record, Paul Henderson for the incredible original artwork and design, and of course Forward Music Group for making it into a real thing.

    But wait – there’s new Bell Orchestre music as well

    Bell Orchestre’s House Music is out today too via Erased Tapes. My head is reeling. I can’t even imagine how you must feel if you’ve gotten this far in the post. House Music was made from improvised sessions with all of us playing together – no roadmap or specific destination. Though we certainly edited and embellished, this music was completely communal at its inception. For me personally, having these two releases land on the same day serves as a beautiful reminder of the twists and turns and intense variety that my creative life has lead me through so far. So much more to come.

  • Call of the Tired: Last single before album release!

    Call of the Tired: Last single before album release!

    Almost there! The new album Harmonize the Moon will be available to you officially on March 19 from Forward Music Group. In the meantime, we have one more single to share with you. “Call of the Tired” is a secular hymn of encouragement, aka a pep talk. Please enjoy responsibly.

    The artwork you see above is another detail of the wondrous collage by Paul Henderson that graces the cover of Harmonize the Moon.

    That’s it for now. Stay tuned for news about online performances and other creative ways of celebrating.

    Much love, I miss playing for you all.


    Excerpt – Call of the Tired from Michael Feuerstack on Vimeo.

  • Time to Burn: 2nd single from Harmonize the Moon now available

    Time to Burn: 2nd single from Harmonize the Moon now available

    Harmonize the Moon (my 5th record since changing my name to my name) becomes available on March 19 via Forward Music Group, but in the meantime please spend some time with Time to Burn and consider pre-ordering the record or pre-saving it in your streaming world.

    The artwork for the single is a detail of the album cover collage by Paul Henderson.

    Please enjoy this tantalizer, shot by MF and edited by Ian Roy.

  • New single now, new album on the way!

    New single now, new album on the way!

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been sitting on some new music for a short while, and I’m very pleased to announce that ‘Harmonize the Moon’ is coming in March through my friend and yours Forward Music Group. In fact, there is even a new song available now.

    This is a collection of songs I wrote over the last few years. Once the world turned upside down, I was able to make time to document them and bring them to life. I’m immensely proud of this intimate and odd album, and I hope you will fall in love with it.

    The collection was made at home in a solitary fashion, mastered by Philip Shaw Bova, and features an incredible collage and layout by the one and only Paul Henderson.

    Listen to I Used to Be a Singer here

    Pre-order Harmonize the Moon here

    Until touring and gathering can happen again, I’ll focus my energy on ways I can deliver some live performances of this new music to you all.

    Much love,


  • 2020 Horizon

    2020 Horizon

    Hi friends,

    Thanks for checking in and happy new year to you all.
    2019 was big, both for my own songs and for productions and collaborations with others. Keep your eyes on this space for news about upcoming releases that I played on or helped bring into the world. Bell Orchestre did a small string of shows in Europe (including 2 with the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andre de Ridder), and I worked on the recording and mixing of upcoming releases by Camille Delean and Big Share among others.


    As for new music of my own – I’ve been working on writing new songs and there will be a new record this year. That’s all I really know for now.
    I can’t wait to cross your path again. Hopefully 2020 brings me to you, dear reader.
    xo MF


  • Spring tour

    Hi everyone…

    Please check out the new MF video directed and shot by Ian Roy.

    This is coming to you now in conjunction with the announcement of the official April 19 European release of Natural Weather. Of course there are also tour dates. Please take a look at the list and come and hear me sing if I end up near you.


  • Happy 2019

    Happy 2019

    Happy 2019 to you, dear friends and listeners.

    Looking back on 2018, I’m reminded of a year of amazing projects and collaborations.

    – played guitar on Chris Velan‘s amazing album ‘Amateur Hour’
    – European tour in June
    – released ‘Natural Weather’ and played incredible shows with a sweet new band to launch it (and I’m shocked and humbled to see it on a few year end lists)
    – recorded and mixed ‘Open Water,’ the upcoming release by Utrecht band The Fire Harvest (look for it in 2019)
    – toured Eastern Canada opening for and singing with The Barr Brothers
    – continued in depth, ongoing work on Camille Delean‘s (to be) incredible second album
    – contributed to the new release and installation concerts by Thus Owls (see playlist below)
    – reunited for 3 wild and vital shows with Julie Doiron & the Wooden Stars
    – after more than a few years, we settled on a final mix (by Jace Lacek) for the newest Bell Orchestre recording (to be made public sometime later in 2019)
    – countless other concerts, sessions and happenings but this list is already long

    All of this activity means the world to me. Thank you so much for your openness and curiousity and for bearing witness to it all.
    Much love and see you in 2019. Lots of plans in the works.
    xo mf

    Photo by Corey Isenor (thanks)

  • Vinyl is in! Shows coming up!

    Vinyl is in! Shows coming up!

    Natural Weather LPs have arrived and they look and sound fantastic. All the mail orders and pre-orders should be in your hands by now. It’s very thrilling to finally have this thing manifested in the physical world. Grab it from Forward Music Group.

    Also in exciting news, I’ll finally be doing some full band shows to celebrate this thing. I’ve assembled an amazing crew and I can’t wait to see you. Shows in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal coming up! Check it.