Guest Appearances

These are projects that I played and/or recorded with either a little or a lot. I’m still working on this list, just for the sake of having it documented somewhere.

Isaac Vallentin – I played pedal steel on Isaac’s incredible live of the floor album Juma (2022).

Thus Owls – I played as part of the ‘guitarkestra’ on The Mountain that We Live Upon (2018).

Chris Velan – I played guitaron Chris’s album called Amateur Hour (2018).

Camille Delean – I co-produced and mixed Music on the Grey Mile (2017) and Cold House Burning (2020). I also played on those records and countless shows, and continue to play with Camille.

Big Share – I co-produced and mixed the s/t record (2020) as well as Printed Pictures (2024). I also played steel, bass, keys, percussion and sang a bit.

Paper Beat Scissors – I produced Tim’s 2012 s/t record. I played on it, and played many shows with Tim as well. I contributed guitar and pedal steel to Go On (2015) and Parallel Line (2019).

James Irwin – I’ve played many shows with this guy, as one of a stable of guitarists. I also contributed greatly on guitar, voice and pedal steel to Shabby Town (2015) and Stars Blue Wheel (2020).

Julie Doiron – Julie and I have been friends since we started making music. I’ve joined her on many tours all over the place, and she’s joined me on my songs too. I play on the record called Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars (1999), and I continue to play with her whenever possible.

Little Scream – I play on a couple songs on Laurel’s amazing Golden Record, and have joined her in concert once or twice as well. Together, we co-wrote Still Life from her album Speed Queen (2020). She sings a lot on my records Tambourine Death Bed, The Forgettable Truth, and Eternity Mongers. I wrote “Don’t Wake Up” for Laurel to sing on my album Singer Songer (2014).

Dana Sipos – I contributed some lap steel to a few songs on Roll Up the Night Sky (2015).

Owen Davies – I played pedal steel on his EP Slushy Farms (2020).

Old Cabin – I played guitar and pedal steel on Saturn Return (2016).

Will Samson – Having become acquainted shared shows here and there on tour in Europe, Will invited me to contribute to his albums Ground Luminosity and Paralanguage.

Sarah Neufeld – I have played some steel and/or guitar with Sarah at a few shows.

Scott Da Ros – A longtime friend, collaborator and consigliere, Scott makes amazing beats and sample based electronic music. Most recently, I am heavily represented on his album Layers of Silence (2015).

Gianna Lauren – I’ve played guitar with Gianna at a few shows, and will likely do more.

Devon Sproule – Devon and I have sung together on occasion, whenever there’s a chance. We’ve also done a few recordings together that have not seen the light of day.

Bry Webb – Bry lived in Montreal for many years, and we had a band called The Harbourcoats. We played a handful of shows. Since then, I’ve joined him on a few of his gigs, subbing in for the amazing Rich Burnett on lap steel.

Land of Talk – I joined the band for a handful of shows on guitar in 2011 and filled in on bass in 2002. If you listen close, you can hear a bit of my steel guitar on a song or two from Life After Youth.

Kepler – This Ottawa band played for many years, and I guested on some records, and later joined as a touring member. Samir (one of Kepler’s songwriters) also had a great band called Tusks.

Islands – I contributed lap steel to a few songs on Island’s first record. Then I joined them on stage for about 5 shows here in Montreal, including one opening for Beck at the Bell Centre, which was a hoot. Oddly, my very brief stint in this band often still makes it into bios and write-ups about me.

Olympic Symphonium – Some of these folks play with me sometimes in my own music. We’ve toured together a fair bit, and so I have joined on lap steel in shows as well.

John K Samson– I sang and played guitar with John on tour in 2012 and 2013. John sang “Friday Night Guard” on my album Singer Songer (2014).

Gabe Levine/The Wild Lawns – We played for a while together in his band called the Wild Lawns. We made a really great record at the old Hotel2Tango.

Aaron Booth – Aaron is old Snailhouse stock. He writes gorgeous pop songs, and I was a part of his band on many recordings and tours.

Hilotrons – I played guitar and lap steel on a song called “Not There Tonight” from At Least There’s Commotion (2013). I play pedal steel on Lonely Cinema (Omission Of Sin) (2023).

Katie Moore – I only did one gig with Katie, but it was really fun.

Ferriswheel – I don’t play on their recordings so far, but I’ve been a part of most of the gigs they’ve done. I think I might be in the band, in so far as it’s a band. You may know some of these these people now as Last Ex.

Cat Pontoon – Cat Pontoon is Katie Ward’s alter ego. Sometimes you can see me in the background.

Great Aunt Ida – I played guitar and lap steel for a couple of gigs with Ida and her band, and I hope it happens again.

Maritime – They made a record that they didn’t have enough people to perform. Since we were friends already, I suggested they should bring Snailhouse on tour to open for them, and then Jeremy Gara and I could be in their band too. They went for it, and we had some of the best times ever in 2003.

The Acorn – I contribute a tiny bit of lap steel to Glory Hope Mountain (2007), but the fact is that our connection is much stronger than that. We’ve toured together and shared the stage and lots of laughs many many many times.

Sarah Hallman – I played on Sarah’s self-titled album from 2006.

John Tielli (Clark, Metal Kites and Hydrothermal Vents) – John Tielli and I have known each other for a long time, and there have been many occasions to play together. I even tried to play drums in Clark once.

Yellow Jacket Avenger – Geoffrey Pye is a wizard of making songs and I played with him on some VERY early recordings, as well as appearing on pedal steel on his album Put the Sun (2016).

Doug Tielli – We played a show at Cagibi, and he even let me play drums. Doug has also contributed to many of my recordings, and generally been a good influence on me.

Gentleman Reg – I contributed guitar to 2 songs on Darby & Joan (2004).

Sevens Project – I sang a few shows with these guys in the unenviable role of filling in for Patrick Watson on vocals.

The World Provider – I played a couple of shows here and there, and contributed lap steel and vocals to a couple of their records.

Andre Bluteau – I played lap steel on a couple of songs from Crooked Smiles (2010).