Angela Desveaux & The Mighty Ship


AD-wandering AD-mightyshipProducer/drummer Howard Bilerman included me in a call-out to a bunch of musicians, because he was working on Angela’s record, Wandering Eyes. Angela and I just hit it off really well and everything felt natural and musical right away. I didn’t know at the time how involved I would become.  The band that came together ultimately to tour this music (Angela, myself, Gilles Castilloux and Eric Digras) was an amazingly natural combination of people, and our tours were characterized by serious laughter. This project marks the first time I was ever the guitar player in a band – not only that, but I was expected to play like one. The first time Angela looked my way to play a solo, I couldn’t believe what was happening. No one had ever asked me to do that before. It was not familiar territory. I’m not sure if I ever nailed it, but I learned to love the challenge. There is something so lovable and classic about this music that is very different from all the angular art-rock bands I had worked with in the past. It has been a while, but I’m hoping there will be more from this collaboration. Angela is like blue jeans in the world of the singer and songwriter – classic, comfortable and never goes out of style.