• Episode 5 – Gypsophilia

    Episode 5 – Gypsophilia

    Last fall I had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with Halifax’s Gypsophilia. We chatted about music and it’s creation. We chatted about vegetable shapes. We chatted about obscure and not-so-obscure instruments. Gypsophilia’s musical skills are matched by their wit. Their new record “Night Swimming” is out now on Forward Music Group.
    gypsophilia.org | forwardmusicgroup.com

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  • Episode 4 – Carlo Guillermo Proto

    Episode 4 – Carlo Guillermo Proto

    Carlo Guillermo Proto is a filmmaker living in Montreal. Carlo makes intensely personal, divisive and beautiful films. Join Michael and Carlo in a sit-down, where Carlo gives you a little tour though the work he’s made and the conversation springs off from there to touch on everything from fiction vs documentary, to heredity and identity in family dynamics, to the conundrum of album sequencing, to garbage pick-up in Montreal. Carlo can cover a lot of ground in a short time. Check out his work: vimeo.com/ondemand/7493 | thehandshake.org

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  • Episode 3 – Thus Owls

    Episode 3 – Thus Owls

    In this episode you get to hear me have a chat with Erika and Simon Angel of Thus Owls, as they riff on everything from Peter Frampton to free improvisation. Their newest record, Turning Rocks, is available from Secret City Records and they are touring all over the place, so consider this preparation for when you go see their next show in your town. Enjoy!
    Warning: sketchy audio and a hint of whiskey.
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  • Episode 2 – Devon Sproule

    Episode 2 – Devon Sproule

    Devon is one of my favourite music makers around. I don’t say that lightly. Her new collaborative record with Mike O’Neill (“Colours”) and her last record (2011’s “I love you, Go Easy”) both pretty much blew my mind. Even though we are pals, I got a little starstruck and excitable a few times. Nonetheless, it’s worth a listen to hear how Devon’s brain works and to hear her deftly flip the script at least a few times. www.devonsproule.com

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  • Episode 1 – Samir Khan

    Episode 1 – Samir Khan

    Samir Khan has a band called Tusks who have released an LP called “Total Entertainment”. He has been heavily involved in the bands Kepler and Weights and Measures. He has played bass with Snailhouse, and also with Jim Guthrie. Who knows what he’s got lined up next? I’ve known Samir most of my adult life, and so it makes great sense to kick off Mind Parade with this chat. Over the years, we’ve worked on a lot of music together and talked countless hours about songs and music. Here, we get almost a little formal and talk about these things in a way that we hope you’ll find entertaining, informative or at least funny. www.tusksforever.com

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