Thanks for the hoots

Holy mackerel. All I really need to say here and now is thanks. Last week’s shows were some of the most satisfying ones I’ve done in all my years. I want to thank all you for coming and listening, and send thanks and love to everyone who played with me: Jeremy, Stef, Nathan, Laurel, and Colin.

There is always a better performance you could have done, or a better sound you could have gotten, or better song you could have written. In the end, what really matters is that in the moment of documentation you were truly there to receive and interpret the spirit of the thing. There is a kind of perfection in that. That’s how I felt about the record, and these shows embodied that feeling in real time.

It was a real pleasure to perform the album somewhat faithfully to the recorded versions of the songs. Since the album was made in fits and starts, most of those songs had never been performed in that way. It was really great to re-assemble the music live. The fact that so many folks showed up to listen just made it all the better. I’m still a-buzz from the whole thing.

I also have to thank Neil Haverty (who opened all the shows) for his beautiful, generous music, as well as for his beautiful, generous contribution to the logistics of making the shows happen. Yes.



Other MF shows will happen later in the summer. For now, I will be off on tour for much of June as a member of The Luyas. If we are in your town, come and say hi. Get the dates here. We are travelling with Julian Lynch all over the north-east of Canada and the US. We will act as Julian’s band for the shows, and he’ll sit in with us as well.

The week before last was spent in the studio with Montreal’s Bent By Elephants. I am collaborating with them on their new recordings in the role of co-producer. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and the basic tracks are sounding amazing. I’ll keep you posted on the developments as we move along. I think you can probably expect this recording to materialize before the year is up.

Also – I took part in a great tribute to the band Share, brought to you by our friends at The Acadian Embassy. The band’s songwriter, Andrew Sisk, has made stacks and stacks of great records. A whole bunch of great artists took part in the tribute. My contribution is a duet which I recorded with my friend Nadja (Binoculers) on a tour off-day in her hometown of Hamburg. We loved doing it, and we can only hope it has made Andrew and the other b0ys from Share happy, flattered or at least neutral . You can hear/buy the digital release below:

OK – you are up to date with goings on for now. Please check back often, because I am sure I forgot a whole bunch of stuff. It’s my way.

xo MF