Hello and welcome to the new Site

Thanks for stopping by. This is the new site – new look, and a tonne of new information. I have Scott Da Ros to thank for making it look and work as well as it does. Scott works with me pretty closely on many aspects of what I do, and so I’ll express one zillionth of my gratitude here and now: thanks, Scott.

If you look around, you will see that the tone of the site is informal. I’m actually writing about all this stuff, and I’ve decided that it’s cool for you to know how I feel about my work and what I’m up to (but of course no statement makes it on here without full approval of my entire legal team). I’ll make you a deal: you stop by once in a while, and I’ll try to keep it interesting and somewhat interactive. You can write me with questions or comments  or you can just lurk. Do what you feel.


Of course the biggest news is that Tambourine Death Bed (my new record) is coming out in May through my good friends at Forward Music. The cover image is a pinhole photo taken by Caro Desilets.

OK – lots of info still to come, but for now I just want to say hi and welcome.

xo MF