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  • Last Message of 2013

    Last Message of 2013

    Hello again

    Since returning from tour, I’ve been enjoying some downtime. I’ll fire up the engines again after the holiday break with all the plans I’ve been making.


    It’s been a very busy autumn of shows. I want to send a huge thanks you to all the people who helped out with the last tours.

    The Paper Beat Scissors dates were a treat. It was lovely to travel with such a sweet crew of people, and it’s been a pleasure to collaborate on an ongoing basis with such kindred spirits.

    The solo shows ran the gamut – there were some high highs and some low lows. Touring is always a gamble, and I guess I’ve inadvertently become kind of seasoned at the game, if not good at it. I’ve been thinking a lot about music in its environment – it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. I don’t wish to change or control the spaces where I perform, but I do want to put even more attention into placing the music where it belongs. This has been a longtime goal, but I think I may have had some serious breakthroughs recently. Enough said.


    Singer Songer – a record that I’ve made for a host of guest vocalists – has been mastered and we await the test pressings now as while we finalize the artwork and other such details. We are looking to release it pretty soon, by the standards of such things. It’s going to be a beauty and I can’t wait until you all have the chance to hear it. To read more and find out who the guests are, look at this older post.


    Well, surprise surprise: I have begun early work on a new recording. Right now, the main job is to sort through sketches of songs and match them up with the sonic ideas that I have in mind-sack. I’m hoping to get started in earnest in February and work through March… We’ll see how it pans out with all the collaborators and studios etc.

    Oh yeah, I’ll be on Luyas tour for a couple weeks in January.

    I send you all love and good vibes for the new year. I’ll see you then!

    PS – here’s a link to a holiday-themed song that I made a few years ago for The Line of Best Fit’s annual holiday compilation
    (They made a great one this year too, by the way).