This 5 song EP is available from Forward Music Group. I’m very stoked to share this with you all. Five songs that were recorded in the same sessions as The Forgettable Truth. It’s been a year since that one came out, and this is our way to celebrate the anniversary! Enjoy! xo MF

    “Turns out the musician that Said the Gramophone’s Sean Michaels called “a national treasure” had a few more gems in his back pocket. You may struggle to see and hear things the same way again.” – Exclaim!

    “an inspiring, thought­ provoking journey through the everyday, cleverly mixing tempo, feel and instrumentation to create a short and welcomed escape from the rigors of the winter season.” – Grid City

    “un savant mélange de sagesse et de nostalgie” – BRBR

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  • Teaser for Adult Lullabies

    Here is the first taste of Adult Lullabies!
    This new EP comes out on February 19, one year exactly since the release of The Forgettable Truth.
    Save some dough and pre-order it now.


  • Wrapping up 2015

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve been quiet here for a very long time. It’s not because I haven’t had any news – just been too busy to make a report. Here’s all the news I can think of:

    Upcoming EP – Adult Lullabies

    Some very exciting news is that Forward Music Group will be releasing an EP of new MF music this winter. The 5 featured songs were recorded during the same sessions as The Forgettable Truth. It’s a really strange and great collection of songs, and I’m very proud of it. A sort of a simple yet philosophical theme runs though it: asking how to balance a love for humanity with your own apparently inevitable tendency toward self-indulgence. Fun! Images and advance tracks coming soon.

    New demos and ideas

    I am slowly starting to assemble little bits and pieces of sketches that I’ve either jotted down or recorded over the last while. It may not sound like much, but it’s the beginning of making a new record. Once I sort through all this stuff, I may be able to imagine some kind of new album direction or sonic plan that will guide me and inspire me to get started for real on a new recording and/or maybe even a new instalment of Singer Songer (which my Mom loves so much)…

    New video from the Singer Songer record

    Speaking of Singer Songer – here is a new video for the Devon Sproule sung song from that record. It was put together by What If Productions, for the 48 hour film challenge put forth by KIAC/Yukon Film Society in Whitehorse, YT. I am grateful. Enjoy!


    Between the various performances with my band since the record came out, here’s what I’ve been up to in my “spare time”.

    Camille Delean debut album

    One of the things I’ve been working on the most this year is a beautiful record by singer songwriter Camille Delean. We met at one of my shows just over a year ago. We chatted about recording and making music, and it was’t long before she asked if I’d be available to help work on some of her songs with her. She did the basic tracks in London with the incredible multi-instrumentalist and producer Ben Walker  (Check out http://josienneclarke.co.uk). Afterward, she brought the tracks home to Montreal and we’ve been adding more vocals, guitar, steel guitar, keys (courtesy of Mathieu Charbonneau) and violin (by Josh Zubot). We are finishing up the mix now. I am very proud of this record, which I loosely describe as Twin Peaks meets Astral Weeks. Bold claims I know, but trust me it’s good.

    Paper Beat Scissors EU tour

    October saw me traipsing around Europe playing guitar for the one and only  Paper Beat Scissors, supporting his newest release Go On.  It was really fun to play guitar in this amazing line-up featuring Tim Crabtree (brains of the operation), Gregory  Burton (check out the ruling Bantam Wing), Tessa Kautzman (also a Bantam Winger) and Alex Thibault. Great musicians and travel-mates all around. So many sausages and so many hours logged. Special mention goes to our tour mom Thomas Lechner who has always been and always will be one of the greats.

    Bell Orchestre sessions

    This long-silent band has been very slowly making some noise again. We retreated together in the summer for a big improvised recording session, where we recorded countless hours of material.  Much of it is good, and we are currently going through everything to see what what is worth working on to eventually share. Slow as always, and not so steady, but I assure you we are making something.

    New Luyas recordings

    We have a new record in the works. It’s exciting for me, because after much touring and involvement with the band is my first Luyas record as an actual member. We recorded in November, and it’s now being mixed by the amazing Jace Lasek who also recorded and produced the sessions. I suspect we’ll have some news about our plans in the coming months. All I know is that we’re making a rad record.

    Will Samson

    My friend Will Samson finally released his lovely record Ground Luminosity on Talitres Records. I had the pleasure of collaborating remotely on this beautiful record. We met having shared shows here and there on tour in Europe, and he invited me to contribute some of my vocals and pedal steel to his recordings. Congratulations to Will! Have a listen!

    And lastly, some props:

    A big thanks to Said the Gramophone who included my “Clackity Clack” in their favourite songs of 2015.
    One Chord to Another listed “I Wanted More” on their list of the top 20 songs for the year.
    The Globe & Mail featured The Forgettable Truth among their Our Favourite Things feature form 2015.
    …and 5kHz included the record on their list too! I feel like a prom queen.

    Thanks for the hoots!

    Have a great mellow holiday season, whatever that means to you.

    Lots of love,


  • Mid-summer freak jam

    Mid-summer freak jam

    Hello hello hello,

    It really has been a long time. All that really means is that I’ve been busy making stuff and having a good time. Frankly, I had better things to do than write updates. Still true, but here I am anyway.

    June saw me doing some solo shows in the midwest US (huge thanks to the incomparable JE Sunde and my excellent pals in Maritime), and then at the amazing Tiny Lights festival in Ymir BC, where my inner hippie ran wild. From there, I travelled to Saskatoon (don’t ask about the logistics) and met up with my band: Jeremy Gara, Pietro Amato and Tim Crabtree. We had a bit of rehearsal (special ups to Tyson Brookes McShane of Slow Down Molasses fame) and then rocked the beautiful church for MoSoFest. Tim (aka Paper Beat Scissors) did a jaw dropping performance that same night with special arrangements of his own music for a chamber ensemble. True magic.

    From there, we ventured west and sang and played for whomever would have us (big thanks to Find the Others), eventually ending up in Calgary for two shows at Sled Island, which which was a nice closer. Plus, I got to see Television and Drive Like Jehu – each as unlikely as the other.

    After MF band tour, I went into hiding with my homies from Bell Orchestre. We went into the woods of Vermont, and made hours and hours (and hours) of improvized music, to the end of eventually making sense of it in order to create something to offer for the people. It’s been a long silence, and it’s become time to make some noise.

    From there, it was straight to Atlin Arts and Music Festival, in the very north of BC. Aside from having the opportunity to make music for an amazing crowd, I got to ride in a helicopter to the foot of a glacier. Glacier Love, indeed.

    I was joined for my sets by the dream team of Micah Smith, Jordy Walker and Devon Sproule. We also had our new friends Anna & Elizabeth join us as the chorus for ‘Birds and Bees’. Such a treat.

    Jordy, Micah and myself also served as the band for Devon’s sets, which was a real highlight for me in my musical life, as it’s no secret I’ve been a fan of Devon and her music for a long time. Immediately following the festival, our group retreated to a little riverside hut in Whitehorse (thanks to Yukon Film Society) to workshop and lay down tracks toward some of Devon’s incredible new songs.

    I returned home, and then had a holiday before SappyFest X, which was it’s usual wicked weekend-long birthday party. I got to play with my East coast crew, of Nick Cobham, Kyle Cunjak and Mike Belyea. Also got to witness unbelievable sets by Adrian Teacher & the Subs, Frog Eyes and Les Hay Babies – just the tip of the iceberg from a mind-blowing weekend of music and friends.

    That brings us to now – back into some studio projects to be revealed in the near future. Also, lots of shows still to come, as well as playing guitar for Paper Beat Scissors, James Irwin and many more…

    Lots of love to you all,
    I’ll send updates as stuff happens.

  • Video, Q performance, and more dates

    Hi Everyone,
    Here are the links to all the stuff we’ve been talking about.
    You can see video of us preforming on Q HERE.
    You can hear all the songs and the interview HERE.
    Here is a link to the video that the amazing Mylene Simard made for Lamplight from the new record.

    And finally – new dates have been added! I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll do solo shows in Quebec supporting Patrick Watson and in Toronto supporting Great Lake Swimmers.

  • Lamplight video premiere

    Hi everyone…
    There is so much to do right now getting ready for the shows this week, but I wanted to tell you quickly about two things:

    There is a video for ‘Lamplight’ from the new record that is being premiered over at Now Magazine. This video was made by Mylene Simard, who is an amazing Montreal artist. I’m so glad we finally got a chance to collaborate on something. Enjoy.

    Also, Southern Souls has posted some really sweet words about the new record. That very site is a massive archive of amazing performances, and once you’re there, I recommend you click around a bit and discover some good new music.

    Good vibes,

  • The Forgettable Truth

    MF-FT-FrontCoverWell the record is out and there has been a really heartwarming response to it so far. Particularly, this Globe & Mail article by Sean Michaels and the response to it have left me reeling.

    I am also home from an amazing European tour which brought me to numerous places, new and familiar. I was honoured to share the stage with my new Dutch comrades The Fire Harvest, whose kindness, generosity and musicianship were at the top of the scale.

    For now, I’ll rest a bit, but just a little bit. There is much much much more action to come.

    Don’t forget to grab the record from Forward Music and keep your eye on the shows page, because sooner or later, I’m coming to you!


  • Clackity Clack lyric video

    My good friend Ian Roy made this lyric video for ‘Clackity Clack’ from The Forgettable Truth, due out on February 17 from Forward Music Group. Enjoy!

    New tour dates are up too!
    xo MF

  • New song preview and updated album plans

    Hi everyone,

    Album plans are well under way. In fact, Stereogum has premiered one of the songs from The Forgettable Truth, along with some very kind words. Listen and read HERE.

    Some of the new material was just debuted this past weekend at the Passovah showcase at M for Montreal. It was a pleasure to finally render some of these new tunes live with a full band, closely replicating the album arrangements. Stay tuned for more of that in March, after the album’s release FEB 17.

    Thanks for reading.
    More soon,

    Trailer #1

    Trailer #2

  • HPX and big thanks

    Hello everyone,

    I just got home from a whole bunch of dates (off and on) since September with the incredible Thus Owls. Thanks so much to everyone who came to a show, and to all the promoters and hosts. Biggest thanks of all to the gang in Thus Owls, who treated me like family and rocked the house every night. It’s been a pleasure.

    Tomorrow, I’ll head to Halifax Pop Explosion to play two shows and fraternize with pals from all over. I’m thrilled to be sharing a show with Jennah Barry and then a church show with my label-mates Gypsophilia. Info on the dates is here.

    As an added bonus, I’ll join my homey (and label-mate) Gianna Lauren on guitar for her show on Saturday.

    That’s it for now. I won’t wait so long before I update you next time.

    xo MF