• Vancouver!!

    Hi Guys,

    Just a heads up that tonight’s show in Vancouver has been moved from Media Club to THE RAILWAY CLUB!!! I hope to see you. Facebook Link

    I’ve been traveling around with my amazing band, and I’ll tell you more about that sometime when I’m not driving around…

    Lots of love,


  • Video, Q performance, and more dates

    Hi Everyone,
    Here are the links to all the stuff we’ve been talking about.
    You can see video of us preforming on Q HERE.
    You can hear all the songs and the interview HERE.
    Here is a link to the video that the amazing Mylene Simard made for Lamplight from the new record.

    And finally – new dates have been added! I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll do solo shows in Quebec supporting Patrick Watson and in Toronto supporting Great Lake Swimmers.

  • Lamplight video premiere

    Hi everyone…
    There is so much to do right now getting ready for the shows this week, but I wanted to tell you quickly about two things:

    There is a video for ‘Lamplight’ from the new record that is being premiered over at Now Magazine. This video was made by Mylene Simard, who is an amazing Montreal artist. I’m so glad we finally got a chance to collaborate on something. Enjoy.

    Also, Southern Souls has posted some really sweet words about the new record. That very site is a massive archive of amazing performances, and once you’re there, I recommend you click around a bit and discover some good new music.

    Good vibes,

  • The Forgettable Truth

    MF-FT-FrontCoverWell the record is out and there has been a really heartwarming response to it so far. Particularly, this Globe & Mail article by Sean Michaels and the response to it have left me reeling.

    I am also home from an amazing European tour which brought me to numerous places, new and familiar. I was honoured to share the stage with my new Dutch comrades The Fire Harvest, whose kindness, generosity and musicianship were at the top of the scale.

    For now, I’ll rest a bit, but just a little bit. There is much much much more action to come.

    Don’t forget to grab the record from Forward Music and keep your eye on the shows page, because sooner or later, I’m coming to you!


  • Clackity Clack lyric video

    My good friend Ian Roy made this lyric video for ‘Clackity Clack’ from The Forgettable Truth, due out on February 17 from Forward Music Group. Enjoy!

    New tour dates are up too!
    xo MF

  • New song preview and updated album plans

    Hi everyone,

    Album plans are well under way. In fact, Stereogum has premiered one of the songs from The Forgettable Truth, along with some very kind words. Listen and read HERE.

    Some of the new material was just debuted this past weekend at the Passovah showcase at M for Montreal. It was a pleasure to finally render some of these new tunes live with a full band, closely replicating the album arrangements. Stay tuned for more of that in March, after the album’s release FEB 17.

    Thanks for reading.
    More soon,

    Trailer #1

    Trailer #2

  • HPX and big thanks

    Hello everyone,

    I just got home from a whole bunch of dates (off and on) since September with the incredible Thus Owls. Thanks so much to everyone who came to a show, and to all the promoters and hosts. Biggest thanks of all to the gang in Thus Owls, who treated me like family and rocked the house every night. It’s been a pleasure.

    Tomorrow, I’ll head to Halifax Pop Explosion to play two shows and fraternize with pals from all over. I’m thrilled to be sharing a show with Jennah Barry and then a church show with my label-mates Gypsophilia. Info on the dates is here.

    As an added bonus, I’ll join my homey (and label-mate) Gianna Lauren on guitar for her show on Saturday.

    That’s it for now. I won’t wait so long before I update you next time.

    xo MF

  • New! Scorekeeper video and tour update

    Hi everyone,

    Finally finally finally, I can share with you the video that we made for Scorekeeper, from my Tambourine Death Bed album [buy it here, if you are so inclined]. Huge thanks go out to Scott Da Ros and AJ Korkidakis who conceived it and were largely responsible for making it happen. So many great people contributed to it, and I’m very grateful. Enjoy!

    I write you now from Halifax, where I am on tour with the amazing Thus Owls. We have had a really great time, finding the perfect balance between work and play – all the while surrounding ourselves with wonderful and generous folks. That same bill will have more shows coming up soon in Ontario and Quebec, so stay tuned.

    xo MF

  • August show breakdown

    Hi Everyone,

    Sappy Returns

    I am fresh back from SappyFest where I played a truly unforgettable show with my awesome Sentimental Gentleman band. I had such a great time on stage. We were joined on vocals for a couple of songs by Misha Bower (wonderful writer, and member of Eons and Bruce Peninsula) and then we did a couple more with Julie Doiron singing along. Here’s a review of the show.

    Julie Doiron & the Wooden Stars

    This brings me to my next point: I have been getting ready to hit the road with Julie and my long-lost band the Wooden Stars to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the record we made together. An interesting fun-fact is that we never really toured this release. The recording was the result of a couple years of pretty extensive touring – we played so well together that we felt we should make a document. However, circumstances conspired against us and we never really properly delivered the album to the world in a live format. Even as we won a Juno award (which was utterly unthinkable to us) and the world seemed to perk up to what we were doing, the moment slipped away. Now, for the first time ever, we are going to perform the record as well as some other JD songs from the era. I hope you can make it if we are near you. Here are the dates.

    August 20, Arboretum Festival, Ottawa w/ Evening Hymns and Bosveld
    August 21, Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto w/ Evening Hymns and Jose Contreras
    August 22, La Sala Rossa , Montreal w/ Maica Mia
    August 23, Peterborough Folk Fest , Peterborough w/ Evening Hymns

    MF and Devon Sproule live in Montreal

    On Aug 29 at The Plant, I’ll be playing with one of my great pals, of whom I am one of the biggest fans. Devon’s records have meant a lot to me, and our friendship has only made them more special. We’ve joined each other on stage more than a few times now. We’ll each be doing our own sets, but I think it’s safe to assume there’ll be lots of collaboration too… see you there?

    Here is Devon singing on my Singer Songer record:


  • A cover song for summer

    Just a quick note to share with you a fun cover I did two summers ago here in Montreal.
    Myself, Peter X and Loel Campbell got together at Matt Lederman’s one sweltering night during the peak of the student protests and knocked out one of my favourite Bob Dylan songs. Matt recorded the whole thing and mixed it much later. Thought I’d share it with you all. Enjoy!
    xo MF